President's Bio

Robert H. Woodman, CFE

Robert H. Woodman, CFE is President and founder of Berkeley International Intelligence Inc. Mr. Woodman has been a licensed investigator since 1968 and over the years he achieved the prestigious professional designation of "CFE" ( Certified Fraud Examiner ). Prior to founding his own investigation agency in 1977, Mr. Woodman was "Manager of Internal Investigations" for a large downtown Toronto litigation law firm.

In this capacity his responsibilities included the complete conduct and management of civil and criminal files from an investigation standpoint, providing briefings to the firm's partners and associate lawyers in preparation for discoveries, hearings and / or trials. Mr. Woodman attended and assisted counsel at hearings, trials and inquests, providing expert testimony and subsequently making recommendations for follow-up inquiries and ongoing strategy.

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Over the past three decades, journalists representing major television networks, newspapers and business magazines chronicled Mr. Woodman's experience, diligence, professionalism and his successes, as he investigated numerous high profile / very public cases. His investigative talents have been widely recognized and respected by some of the most elite international clients, which has earned him an enviable distinguished reputation as an expert examiner, interviewer, interrogator and negotiator in the highly specialized fields of Commercial Crime, Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law and Intellectual Property law. Mr. Woodman's expertise has allowed him to travel the world extensively while representing the crème de la crème of clientele.

In the business of "intelligence gathering", information contacts are crucial. Mr. Woodman is a member of the Council of Private Investigators - Ontario, the International Intelligence Network, the American Society For Industrial Security, the Canadian Society For Industrial Security, the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Mr. Woodman has developed and maintained excellent worldwide contacts as a result of his longtime affiliation with these fine organizations, as well as his extensive business travels.

Continuing education has been key to Mr. Woodman's success over the years, as clients recognized that his frequent attendance at worldwide conferences relating to his specialized skills add tremendous value to his retained services. Mr. Woodman has lectured at industry conferences worldwide, executive symposiums hosted by various Chambers of Commerce and has also been a guest speaker for continuing education at the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Numerous corporations have Mr. Woodman on retainer as their "corporate security advisor", and in this capacity he serves as the "initial contact" for all levels of management, when internal / external problems surface, which pose a threat to the security or integrity of the organization. Mr. Woodman investigates and makes the appropriate recommendations to reduce or eliminate risk, protecting personnel, property and assets.

Mr. Woodman works closely with Crown Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officials and Corporate Legal Counsel, testifying during court proceedings, prosecuting individuals and / or corporations deemed responsible for "civil & criminal code violations" that in any way caused the client to suffer damages to personnel, property or assets.

Clients also rely heavily on Mr. Woodman's "intelligence gathering capabilities" to protect their interests in connection with "growth activities" when considering "mergers or acquisitions", which enables decision makers to engage in more effective strategic planning.

If you would like to consult with Mr. Woodman, simply complete the "request for information form" on our site, or he can be reached for consultation directly by e-mailing

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