Corporate and Financial Crimes

Unprincipled or illegal acts often from within a company pose grave threats to the integrity of corporate assets and information. Senior management that suspect the company is being victimized by such conduct need to be able to substantiate its suspicions sufficiently to curtail the undesirable activity.

Using proven techniques, we conduct confidential inquiries into suspect activities. The need for discretion in these inquiries is paramount. Premature disclosure or inexpert investigations can alert the offenders, undermine the organization's day-to-day operations and provoke legal action by those under suspicion. Our methods ensure the collection of reliable information about he suspected conduct, thereby maximizing the client's ability to assess the extent of the losses, attempt recovery of assets or documents and contain or prevent damaging financial impact on the company.

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with such specialized problems as:

Misappropriation of Corporate Assets

The loss of assets or earnings through theft, embezzlement, fraud, or other illegal means is a growing problem for business, especially in this age of computerized management and accounting systems. Our firm is skilled in detecting these practices and in providing evidence to management with a minimum of delay and publicity.

Misrepresentation of Corporate & Financial Information

Business decisions involving large sums of money are placed at risk when the veracity of claims about a company's operations or finances are questioned. Our firm is experienced with verifying such information and discovering instances of fraud.

Theft of Trade Secrets

A company may believe that its proprietary information is being compromised. Our investigators attempt to determine the source and the extent of the problem, minimizing damage to the company and propose effective measures to prevent further losses.

Gray Market and Counterfeit Products

Manufacturers and licensees frequently discover their products appearing in market areas or in distribution channels for which they were not intended. The products may be counterfeit (knock-offs) or infringe upon a trademark or copyright. Our firm can help locate the source of the diverted or bogus products, develop information on the parties responsible, and propose an effective course of action to forestall further business damage.

Insider Trading

A company may have evidence that confidential non-public information is being used to purchase or sell company securities for personal gain. Investigators can help verify the occurence, origin and extent of "insider trading" activities.

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