Intellectual Property

For over thirty years now, Berkeley's Investigators have represented numerous corporations worldwide, most of which are manufacturers and / or distributors of well known "brand name" products and merchandise.

Berkeley International Intelligence Inc. is retained either directly by the corporation's senior management / in-house counsel, or indirectly by their outside legal representatives or their patent / trade-mark agents. The main issues, in our experience, have ranged from the "unauthorized manufacturing and distribution" of the client's product / merchandise (counterfeiting) which can have "international implications", depending upon its source, to the unauthorized continuance of manufacturing and distribution by a "licensee" following suspension or termination of a formal license agreement as a result of contract violations, etc.

Manufacturers and licensees frequently discover their products appearing in market areas or in distribution channels for which they were not intended. The products may be counterfeit (knock-offs) or infringe upon a trademark or copyright. Our firm can help locate the source of the diverted or bogus products, develop information on the parties responsible, and propose an effective course of action to forestall further business damage.

Patent / Trade Mark / Copyright infringement issues are far too extensive to cover here, however Berkeley's Investigators have the experience you require, to assist with investigating the offenders.

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